We had a fun time riding in the Aberdeen Founders Day Parade today! Just a small group, but with so many things going on in the area today it’s understandable.  Pictures to come soon, can’t figure out how to load them from this editor on my iPad. Will try from the computer later. … Go out and enjoy the beautiful summer day!



Exciting times afoot!

I really hope to have a good turnout for the meeting in February so that we can approve the bylaws and elect some officers. This will allow us to file the paperwork we need to and start making some of the plans for the future of the club.

The meeting will continue to be at 7pm on the first Wednesday of the month at The Simpson Avenue Grill in Hoquiam.

Please review the link on the top of the page to go to the Bylaws and read through them. (if you have questions / concerns or ideas for changes that need to be made please email me, or bring it to the meeting)


upcoming events:

more group rides, the first one was quite fun despite the cold rain!

a bike and equipment swap / repair clinic / info type of event!

beginning the planning for “An Event Ride” (where in the county? when?…) — along with this is the possibility of some sponsorship that I’ve been in contact with someone about (not yet ready to make this public, but its exciting!)

Already December!?

Goodness, how time flies!

So, last night we had the second meeting of the club. There were 6 people at the meeting and we continued to discuss establishing club bylaws, and other dry / boring stuff!

But we also had lots of fun, talked about the difficulty of organizing group rides in the winter due to rain, and dealt as best we could with quite poor service at the restaurant (to be unnamed…)

Next month’s meeting will be Wednesday January 7th at 7:00pm. Location to be determined. Cathy is looking into the possibility of meeting at the Hoquiam Library.

Agenda for the January meeting: voting to approve the revised draft bylaws.

Next idea: Anyone want to help to organize a ride this spring to kickoff our new club to help to drum up club interest? 


There is a very nice write up in this week’s Grays Harbor Herald about the bike Club!

Check it out!

In other news, I’m checking out the websites of several other bicycle clubs, reading exciting things like “Club Bylaws” in preparation of setting things up for our club. If anyone else is into things like this, please let me know!

Exciting Day!

Well, today has been a fun filled day already and it’s still early afternoon with time for a bike ride too! (as soon as I get this posted…)

The Coalition met this morning and lots of exciting things were discussed and hashed out, so many talented people involved with lots of ideas and opinions. I will be leading the Active Tourism and Clubs committee with Karuna’s help – helping to promote and organize the efforts of the various walking and bicycling groups as well as work on promoting active tourism (i.e.: bike tourists, etc)

I just got off the phone with Scot Pearson from the Grays Harbor Herald a few minutes ago. We had a great talk about the beginnings of this club and he will be doing a little story about it in an upcoming issue.

Oh, and I got an email address for the club as well! To avoid spam, I’m not going to type it out here, but it’s the same as the website name … bikegraysharbor  at gmail. And Twitter is also setup with @bikebraysharbor as the userid.

Things are happening! …stay tuned

Meeting times?

I’d like to set up a time to meet. Initially at least once a month as we are organizing and figuring things out. The first Wednesday each month at 7pm seems like a good time (Cathy and I discussed this as well.) The coalition meeting is the next morning at 10, so it would be a good time to have information to take back to that group.

Any ideas on location? I’m thinking 8th street Ale house, GH Wine Sellers, other ideas?

We can start to organize rides as well.

Getting Started!

Well, I guess everything has to start somewhere! This will be the website for the new Grays Harbor Bicycle Club.

Currently a disorganized group on Facebook (search for “Bicycle Grays Harbor” to join the group!)

I have contacted The Bicycle Alliance of WA for more information about the actual organization of a formal ‘club’ in our area. If anyone else is interested in helping with this process I’d love the help!

I’m planning on adding pages with links to popular rides in the area (like what I’ve done with the Ride with GPS site) as well as links to other cycling resources.